Our sheepskin rugs are hand selected for their natural colours, markings in the fleece and for their softness to touch. Each sheep fleece is unique and there will be some variations in the colour and in particular, the markings on Jacob sheep fleeces – the famous Jacob dark brown spots will not be in the same place on each sheep! Minor variations in colour and fleece markings are part of the beauty of owning a 100% natural sheepskin product!


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Yes, all of our products are made with 100% real sheepskin.

Sheep's wool can be tightly curled or slightly curled - it can be wavy or hair-like.

Wool on a sheepskin rug is dense and thick and sometimes silky to the touch. A genuine sheepskin will not be a uniform shape. It will have an odd shape and won't be that large -- because sheep aren't -- unless several pelts are sewn together.

A genuine sheepskin rug has the wool fibres attached firmly to the skin. Wool should be more dense and when parted, sheepskin leather should be observed as the backing. With synthetics, fibres are attached to a weaker, man-made base. When moving apart the “fur”, a woven “mesh-like” fabric can be observed rather than leather.

Our natural sheepskins have not been dyed in any way and that the skin is from one sheep only - they have not been manifactured or sewn togetehr from fragments of sheep skin. 

All our sheepskin rugs are from sheep bred and farmed in Britain

Sheepskin is a natural renewable resource. It is also 100% biodegradable.

Sheepskin Care and Cleaning

As with all natural products, it is recommended to keep the sheepskin out of direct sunlight as this can change the colour of the product.

All natural sheepskins will have some natural yellowing. We do not produce pure white sheepskins because we retain the natural colours of the fleece. We seek to enhance the natural colour, which results in a natural ivory shade with a creamy yellow hue.

For any liquid spills, the most important thing to note is not to add any more liquid, even water. The spilt liquid will sit on top of the fibres. Use paper towels or tea towels to blot up the spill until all the moisture is out of the fibres.

Generally we recommend dry cleaning for sheepskins. They can be machine washed with a very mild detergent at low temperature and must not be dried in a tumble dryer or on a radiator. 

If your rug is small and relatively new, you can wash it on a delicate cycle using your washing machine and sheepskin detergent. Otherwise, it's best to hand wash your rug, swishing it around gently in a tub with cool water and sheepskin detergent.

Sheepskin Sizes

Our rugs are measured on the wool side at the longest and widest points. 

We usually haev available a selction of sizes and colours. Sizes include the most popular single sheepskin rug as well as doubles and quads (four fleeces sewn together). Larger sizes, sexto and Octo ( six and eight fleeces sewn to ether) can be ordered on a case by case basis.

A single Sheepskin weighs around one kilogram.  A double and Quad are proportionately heavier, with a quad weighing approximately 4 kilograms