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    Who or What is Red Dragon America?

    Became aware of this website in October 2022 and are supportive of their aims to promote Wales and Welsh culture in the United States of America. Here is a brief summary of the aims and goals, but please visit their website for further information. We wish them good luck in their endeavours. 



    In the words of the Red Dragon website... (and with permission for their reproduction)

    "Red Dragon America (RDA) is the proud guardian and promoter of Welsh-America. RDA is a Non-Profit Organization promoting Welsh history, legacy, and culture in America - WEBSITE - click here...


    Red Dragon America - Red dragon America is the proud guardian and promoter of Welsh-America


    Evolve, educate, experience

    We educate and we celebrate, with the intent of developing interest for Welsh affairs in the United States.

    Here at RDA, we take great pride in the significant contributions that the Welsh have made to the United States and its foundation and history. Spreading awareness and appreciation of this proud legacy is one of our key aims. 

    As equally important as the past is both the present and the future and sharing the joys of the modern Welsh world. To this end, we proudly maintain sturdy links with Wales and its current affairs. 

    RDA is the proud guardian and promoter of the Welsh American cause, both the old and new!

    Purposes of the RDA

    The purposes of RDA are as follows: 

    1. To preserve, develop and promote Welsh cultural heritage and legacy in the United States.
    2. To create learning opportunities for the Welsh language and raise awareness about it, along with other Endangered Languages.
    3. To foster, develop and promote links between Wales and the United States.
    4. To help develop trade synergy between Wales and the U.S.
    5. To promote and preserve Celtic unity and cooperation.
    6. Finally, and most importantly, RDA is dedicated to cooperation with like-minded cultural organizations (of any race, ethnicity, color or national origin). Mutual understanding and appreciation of America's diverse heritage is a key goal of Red Dragon America."
    Red Dragon America - Wales USA Flags

    Red Dragon America Values

    • Honour

    The concept of honour was very important the Ancient Welsh, and the Welsh ideals of honour contained within the tales of King Arthur helped to inspire the Medieval Age of Chivalry. We practice honour by being honest and trustworthy, by serving our community selflessly, and by respecting the views of others. 

    • Wisdom

     To be wise and prudent in all that we do, this is key to our mission. If we are to educate others, we must first educate ourselves, and this we must do obsessively. A wealth of knowledge combined with an open but fair mind are the ingredients of true Wisdom.  

    • Courage

     With wisdom in our minds, we can embrace the courage in our hearts and use this to push us forward in pursuit of our goals. One must be courageous enough to speak for what's right, and we at RDA avoid any fear to express ourselves. If we wish to preserve a fair and accurate representation of Welsh history and its legacy, we must be brave enough to do so. 

    • Independence

    The story of Wales has often been an epic struggle for Independence, and we stay true to this spirit by staying true to ourselves. Being independent is defined as exercising one's own decisions, free from the influence or manipulation of others. Be independent enough to seek your own answers to questions, from your own opinions, and be your own Individual.  

    • Creativity

    To best express ourselves and to offer the most colourful vision of Welsh culture, it's necessary to embrace our creative urges. Never be afraid to offer up new ideas or to explore one's own imagination. We must be as innovative as possible if we are to inspire a new generation of Welsh Americans.  

    • Excellence

    Last and most importantly, to pursue excellence in all that you do, is our chief virtue. When we set our mind to serving Welsh America, we do so with the goal of success in our minds. We do not work towards our goals haphazardly, as we are not serving a haphazard mission. Welsh-America deserves our most excellent effort. 


    About FelinFach

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    Located in Pembrokeshire Wales, our ethos is defined in the three words...


    We are a proud supporter of Americymru, the Campaign for WoolGlobal Welsh and Red Dragon America.


    Last updated 8th April 2024

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