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    Tips on How to Knit with Hand Dyed Yarn

    Knitting with hand-dyed yarn is a wonderful experience - maybe we are a little biased but we do belive this! The colours are almost always unique and be in vibrant colours if desired. All of this will ensure that your knitting projects one of a kind - part of the beauty of knitting with hand dyed yarn.

      FelinFach Hand Dyed Yarns

      Our hand dyed yarn is dyed in small batches by the owner of this website from Welsh and UK yarn together with some specialty fibres. Each batch is hand dyed in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK using ethically-sourced natural dye extracts.

      Knitting with Hand Dyed Yarn. Hand dyed yarn, dyed only with natural dyes.


      Managing Colour variations

      Hand-dyed yarns, even within the same dye bath, can have slight variations in colour from skein to skein. This is part of the beauty of hand-dyeing, but it can also lead to visible lines in your knitting where you join new skeins. To get the best results for your project, here are a few things to keep in mind:

      • Pre-wash your Hand Dyed Yarn: Maybe pre-washing is not necessary but we believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. Pre-washing will help to ensure that there is no discolouration in our knitting projects.
      • Alternating skeins: This is a common technique to blend the colours together and avoid harsh lines. You can alternate every row or every other round. There are two ways to do this, Blending and Simple alternation.
        • Blending: Knit a short section (about half an inch) with both skeins together before switching completely to the new skein.
        • Simple alternation: Just knit with one skein for a bit, then switch to the other.

      Experienced Indie Dyer

      In an interview with the Knitter Magazine, the Knitter commented, "Taking inspiration from the landscapes of the Pembrokeshire coastline, Karen Morgan of FelinFach produces gorgeous, indie hand-dyed yarns". The Knitter's article is in the series on Artisan Yarn makers and explores our processes for hand dyeing yarns with natural dyes and also our natural dyeing Craft Courses.

      Indie yarn dyer for over 15 years - experienced natural dye tutor for craft courses


      About FelinFach

      Welsh Blankets - Traditional Caernarfon poercullis patterns, contemporary colourspatterns Wool Throws - Hand woven in Wales Chandlery - Hand Poured Candles, Reed diffusers and wax melts - handmade in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. Hand dyed yarn, dyed only with natural dyes Craft Courses - Natural Dyeing Gift Cards - By Post or by Email 


      Located in Pembrokeshire Wales, our ethos is defined in the three words...


      We are a proud supporter of Americymru, the Campaign for WoolGlobal Welsh and Red Dragon America.


      Last updated 3rd May 2024

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