We are away at an overseas conference from 21st June to 4th July. All orders made during this period will be shipped on 5th July. Thank you for your cooperation.

Traditionally woven Welsh blankets and throws, tapestry blankets (carthenni) Welsh tartan scarves, handmade cushions and hand-dyed yarns. Now including a range of traditionally woven 100% alpaca wool blankets and throws and new Mary Jane pattern blankets.Our products will suit all types of homes from city centre living to more traditional homes in the countryside. Our designs combine authentic Welsh traditions with an innovative and contemporary looks.

Gorgeous hand-dyed yarns made with natural colours and extracts. Originally we used acid dyes but now only use natural dyes and colours. Whilst the synthetic dyes are easier and definitely less time consuming to use, the colours achieved using natural dye make it so worthwhile.  There is a beauty and depth of colour to natural dyes that become even more beautiful with age. 

All our traditionally woven Welsh blankets, scarves, purses and hand-dyed yarns are created in limited numbers with personal care and attention. All our Welsh blankets, tapestry blankets and throws are woven in Wales on traditional looms using the skills and processes of yesteryear.

So, why not treat yourself, your friends or loved ones to a beautiful, 100% wool Welsh blanket, throw or scarf... Fantastic Welsh gifts for the perfect present from Wales...