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Events - Craft Fairs, Festivals and Shows

Events - Craft Fairs, Festivals and Shows

FelinFach is primarily an on-line Shop which is 'open' 24/7, but it does visit events, festivals and craft fairs throughout the UK during each year. 

COVID-19 - Update, click here

As you all are aware, our world here is Wales and the United Kingdom is experiencing an unprecedented pandemic event with the global spread of COVID-19. While the area of the world that FelinFach Natural Textiles calls home has not been as drastically impacted as others, we wanted to let you know about some of the steps we are taking to be good citizens in our community.

All purchases thankfully made by you will be delivered nearly as normal – there is little change but there are some possible shipping delays of a couple of days.

However, as of March 13th 2020 we are not attending any Shows or Fairs. Earlier this month we suspended non-essential business travel, and we've now suspended all travel completely. We will be re-evaluating these policies as of March 31st and as often as necessary thereafter, and we will keep you all up to date as best we can.

This is very much a pre-emptive step, intended to reduce the likelihood of a more widespread outbreak of the virus within our community. It's a small but important way of contributing positively to the situation and keeping our team and neighbours as safe and healthy as possible. 

On behalf of everyone at FelinFach Natural Textiles we hope that everyone in your life stays safe and healthy, and that we'll all be back to normal as soon as possible.

Last Updated 1st November 2020