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    Candles in Jars

    Most Popular Candle Containers

    These days there are many types of containers for candles but candles in glass jars are currently the most popular type of container. The glass needs to withstand quite high temperatures so not all glass jars are suitable for candles. Bone fide candle companies will only supply candles in purpose made jars for candles.


    Our Candles

    Currently we use two types of candle containers, candles in glass jars and candles in tins (more information on our candles in tins). Our handmade candles in glass jars, including the luxury Geo Cut Glass and 3-wick candles are hand poured into heavy bottomed, high quality and beautiful glass jars.

    • our 'signature' handmade candles are hand poured into heavy bottomed, straight sided matt Grey or matt White glass¬†jars. These candles are topped with an oak lid that can also be used as a coaster when burning your candle. Finished with a wooden wick.
    • luxury cut glass jar geometric (Geo) design candles complete with a classic French round top lid. Finished with a wooden wick.
    • luxury 3-wick soy wax candles, eco-friendly cotton wicks, presented in a matt white glass jar with an oak branded lid.
    Candles in glas Jars. Discover our range of glass jar candles with branded oak lids.
    Candles in Glass Jars, hand poured eco-friendly glass jar candles, available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...
    Candles in Glass Jars. Luxury cut glass jar geometric (Geo) design candles complete with a classic French round top lid
    Candles in Glass Jars. Luxury cut glass geometric (Geo) design glass jar candles complete with a classic French round top lid click here...


    Candles in Glass jars - Questions and Answers

    Q1. Is glass safe for candle jars?

    • Class is currently the most popular container for candles. As the glass has to withstand quite high temperatures, make sure you buy your candles from bone fide places.

    Q2. Do candles burn better in tin or glass?

    • Candle waxes burn at different temperatures. For example, glass jars are more heat resistant than tins. As long as the wax is suitable for the container, candles in glass jars burn equally well as candles in tins.
    Q3. Can candle glass jars get too hot and shatter?
    • Assuming the candle has a suitable glass container it is unlikely but still possible. It is recommended that as the wax gets to the bottom of the container, you should stop burning it. Leaving a little layer of wax will stop the wick burring right down to the glass. A 1 cm layer of wax will do it.

    Modern Day Candle Chandler

    Our Handmade Candles in Glass jars

    A Chandler? - "a handmade maker and seller of tallow, wax candles, and also usually soap". We are a modern-day handmade candle chandler, hand pouring soy wax into candles in glass jars using traditional methods and skills. The soy wax is infused with a blend of premium high-grade fragrance & essential oil recipes. Fragrance memory is quite a strong and evocative sense and we have named our handmade candles for a feeling or place that we think the fragrance captures.  


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