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    Candle Wick Crackling - Why do Wooden Wicks Crackle?

    Candle wick crackling is caused when wooden candle wicks are used together with natural, eco-friendly plant-based candle waxes, such as soy, coconut or rapeseed waxes. These wooden wicks, usually made of a softwood such as cedar, release tiny pockets of trapped air as they burn. These pockets of air expand rapidly as they heat up and then escape, creating a crackling sound reminiscent of the sounds of a crackling log fire.

    Candle cracking can create that relaxing ambience of light and sound - a plant-based wax candle with a wood wick and the sounds of a crackling log fire. It is these unique features that makes our Wood Wick Candles so appealing.


    Candle Wick Crackling -  Wood wicks in candles crackle creating that relaxing ambience similar to that of a log fire
    Candle Wick Crackling. Handmade candles with wooden wicks creating that candle crackle like a log fire. Available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...


    Candle Wick Crackling - The Science Behind the Crackle

    Wood wicks are made from natural materials, such as wood chips or sawdust, and they are designed to crackle when they burn. The crackling sound is caused by the expansion of gases trapped within the wood fibres as they heat up.

    1. When a wood wick is lit, the heat from the flame causes the wood to start to burn.
    2. As the wood burns, it releases water vapour.
    3. The water vapour flows up the wick and into the flame.
    4. In the flame, the water vapour is converted into steam.
    5. The steam expands and pushes against the wood wick.
    6. This pressure causes the wood wick to crackle.

    The amount of crackling that occurs depends on a number of factors, including the type of wood used, the size of the wick, and the type of wax used. In general, softwoods like pine and fir produce more crackling than hardwoods like oak and maple. Wicks that are thicker and have more surface area will also crackle more than thinner wicks. For the best candle crackling, a high-water content, like soy wax, will produce more crackling than waxes that have a low water content, like paraffin wax.

    Candle Wicks that Crackle

    The best candle wicks to hear that relaxing sound of a crackling wick are without question wood wicks combined with plant-based waxes such as Soy, Coconut or Rapeseed, or a blend of these waxes.

    Modern-Day Candle Chandler - Handmade Candles with Wooden Wicks

    A Candle Chandler? - "a handmade maker and seller of tallow, wax candles, and also usually soap". A chandlery was originally the office in a wealthy medieval household responsible for wax, candles and soaps as well as the room in which the candles were kept. 

    We are a modern-day handmade candle chandler, hand pouring soy wax candles using traditional methods and skills but also other fragrance items such as reed diffusers, tealights and wax melts. Our eco-friendly candles are made from sustainable and renewable plant-based candle waxes and our Signature Candle Range has wooden wicks to create that delightful candle wick crackling.



    Candle Safety Statement

    Here are the UK Government's mandatory candle safety pictograms or icons. Our handmade candles are fully compliant with UK laws and regulations. Here are the icons on the labels of your candles and what they mean to help you stay safe.

    Candle Safety - General warning triangle for candlesCandle Safety - Never leave a burning candle unattendedCandle Safety - Keep candles away from children and petsCandle Safety - Keep candles away from inflammable materials


    • The general warning triangle
    • Never leave a burning candle unattended
      • Always extinguish it before leaving the room, even if it is only for a minute.
    • Keep away from children and pets
      • Both children and pets might get attracted to burning candles or knock them over accidentally.
    • Keep away from things that can catch fire
      • Keep a large enough distance to combustible items beside and above the candle. Keep in mind that the flame might get larger during burning.


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