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    Crackle Wicks for Candles

    Why do Wood Wick Candles Crackle?

    If you want a crackle wick candle, then your candle must have a wooden wick! When any wood is heated, its molecules start to break down and release water vapour. This water vapour can become trapped in the pores of the wood, creating small pockets of air. As a wooden wick candle burns, the heat from the flame causes these pockets of air to expand. Eventually, the pressure inside the pockets becomes too great and they 'explode', releasing a burst of steam - this creates the desirable candle crackling sounds. For other Articles in our Candles and Soapery Knowledge Base, click here...


    Eco Friendly Soy Candles with Wood Wicks

    Eco-friendly and sustainable products are important to us and that is why we choose soy wax (or other plant-based waxes) and wood wicks for our candles. Candle wick cracking creates that relaxing ambience of light and sound. It is these unique features that makes our wood wick candles so desirable. All our soy candles are handmade, and hand poured by us at our FelinFach Studio in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. 


    Crackle Wick Candles -  Wood wicks create that relaxing ambience of light and sound
    Candle Wick Crackling. Handmade candles with wooden wicks creating that beautiful crackle like a log fire. Available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...


    Modern-Day Candle Chandler - Crackle Wick Candles

    A Candle Chandler? - "a maker and seller of tallow, wax candles, and also usually soap".

    We are a modern-day candle chandler, hand pouring soy candles but also other fragrance items such as reed diffusers, tealights and wax melts. Our eco-friendly candles are made from sustainable and renewable plant-based candle waxes and many of our candles have wood wicks to create that delightful candle wick crackling.



    The Science Behind the Candle Wick Crackling

    Wooden wicks crackle because of three main reasons.

    • The Structure of the Wick

      Wood is composed of thousands of tiny cells that contain air and moisture. When the wood is heated by the flame, the air and moisture expand and escape through the cracks in the wood, creating a popping sound. This is similar to what happens when you burn wood logs in a fireplace.

    • The Shape of the Wick

      Wood wicks are usually flat and wide, which creates a larger and more horizontal flame as compared to cotton wicks. This flame draws more air from the sides of the wick, creating turbulence and noise. This is different from cotton wicks, which are usually round and thin, and create a smaller and vertical flame.

    • The Candle Wax

      Candle wick crackling is caused when wooden wicks are used together with natural, eco-friendly plant-based candle waxes, such as soy, coconut or rapeseed waxes. The wooden wicks, usually made of a softwood such as cedar, release tiny pockets of trapped air as they burn. These pockets of air expand rapidly as they heat up and then escape, creating a crackling sound reminiscent of the sounds of a crackling log fire. 

    The crackling sounds produced by wood wicks depends on the wood used in the wick, the size of the wick, and the candle wax used. In general, softwoods like pine, cedar and fir produce more crackling than hardwoods like oak and maple. Larger wicks will produce more crackling sounds than smaller wicks and plant-based waxes such as soy wax, will produce more crackling sounds than waxes such as paraffin wax.


    Crackle Wick Candles
    Candle Wick Crackling. Handmade soy wax candles with wood wicks creating that beautiful crackle like a log fire. Available in our FelinFach online shop, click here...


    The Benefits of Wood Wicks

    Wood wicks are not only appealing for their crackling sound, but also for their other benefits.

    • Creating a Relaxing Ambience

      The crackling sound can help you unwind and relax. The combination of light and sound from wooden wicks creates a great ambience.

    • Longer and Cleaner Burn

      Wooden wicks are more efficient than cotton wicks, as they consume less wax and produce less soot. They also create a wider melt pool, which releases more fragrance into the air.

    • Eco-friendly

      Wooden wicks are usually made from natural and renewable sources, such as trees or plants. They do not contain any chemicals or additives that can harm the environment or your health.


    Candles and Soapery - Knowledge Base and Customer Support Portal

    Extensive Candle-Care Resources all in One Place

    If you need the full low-down on our chandlery, candle and soapery products, we’ve got all the details and information you’ll need in our Knowledge Base. Browse through these articles and experience all your candle-care resources in one place, click here... 


    Candle Safety

    It is always important to treat your candles safely and with care. Please note the follow candle care advice... 

    • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
    • Place candles on a stable surface away from flammable objects.
    • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets.
    • Extinguish candles before going to bed or leaving the house.
    • Do not place candles too close together.

    More information on Candle Safety and Care, click here...


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