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Candle Burning and Storage Tips

Getting the best from your new Handmade Candle

Armed with these tips below, burning a handmade candle will be straightforward! Follow these recommendations and your candle will last longer, burn more evenly, smell stronger and you can avoid unsightly soot and ‘tunnelling.’

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First burn of your candle

The first time you burn you candle you should always burn it for a couple of hours. A good rule of thumb is to burn your candle for one hour for every inch (2.5 cms) of the diameter of the candle. So, for a round candle that is two inches from side to side (diameter), the first burn should be for two hours. The aim is to get the top layer of wax to melt completely across the whole candle. This will ensure your candle burns evenly next time you light it.

Please do make sure that you do melt the wax completely. This is an important step to get the most even burning out of your candle.

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Trim and tidy your candle wick

Every time you burn your candle, start by trimming the wick. Trimming your candle wick is important as the longer the wick, the quicker your candle will burn. On average, your candles should burn for up to 25% longer with a properly trimmed wick! So, before you light your candle, always trim the wick to ¼ inch (half a centimetre) and remove any debris left in the wax pool such as wick trimmings or matches. 

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Safely extinguish your candle and re-centre your wick after each burn

As well as trimming your wick, you should re-centre it and prop it up right after putting your candle out. Whilst the wax is still liquid, extinguish your candle, preferably with a candle snuffer to completely stop the wick from burning. Propping the wick up will make it easier to relight next time. Never use water to put out a candle.

Don’t Place your candle in a draughty place

Place your candle is a part of your home or room away from open windows and door and also fans. This will allow your candle to burn more evenly and this will also extend the life you your candle.

Four hour candle burn

Burning a candle for too long can cause carbon to collect on the wick, and it may start to smoke and release soot. In general, you should not burn your candle for longer than four hours. After the candle is extinguished, let it  cool for at least two hours before relighting.

Candle storage

If your candle came with  a lid, use it! You should store your candle in a cool, dark and dry place with the lid on to keep them clean of dust and debris, and to help protect the wax and fragrance. Your candle should have a usable lifespan with the full fragrance of about six to twelve months when stored with the lid on the candle. If dust has settled, you can use a humid cotton pad to remove the dust from the top of the wax.

Candle Container Care

Our candle containers are intended to be used for life and they can be refilled with the same or different scents from our website. They also have many uses around the home. If they have become a little smokey, once extinguished use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away any marks.