Tryweryn - Ruana

Our Treftadaeth Collection is a celebration of Welsh heritage. Tryweryn is in remembrance of the flooding in 1965 of a valley near Bala to supply water to Liverpool.

Ruanas are wool coverings that most closely resemble a poncho but unlike a poncho it has an opening at the front so you can wrap yourself in it.

Traditionally woven in a stripe pattern with rare breed Welsh Black and Ryeland fleece 'born and bred' in Wales, in the natural colours of the fleece. The whole process from fleece to throw is completed at one mill in Wales - a truly Welsh product. As with our heritage blankets, each Ruana will have a booklet explaining the provenance from ‘fleece to Ruana.’

These are limited edition Ruanas and there will only ever be one in each colour.

Our thanks to the two lovely volunteers, brilliantly modelling their Ruanas on a cold day in Cardiff!

Approx size:  175 x 125 cms - [70 x 50 inches]