Reed Diffusers - Dolau

DOLAU [dol aye] - meadows

The enduring bouquet of Lavender, a vibrant but relaxing well known fragrance with the added warmth of Vanilla and the subtle herbal aroma of Chamomile.

Top notes: Coconut, Peach
Heart notes: Lavender, Lilac, Chamomile
Base notes: Cedarwood, Vanilla

| Vegan base | 100mls | Four Months fragrance |

1. Vegan
2. Cruelty free
3. Contains no phthalates or parabens
4. Free of Allergens
5. GMO free
6. Non - hazardous

1. The Diffuser liquid is flammable – Do not light the reeds
2. Do not place directly on surfaces - accidental spillages may cause damage
3. Keep away from children and pets
4. Use only in well ventilated areas
5. Refresh the reeds every 3 to 4 days -by flipping them over
6.The fragrance is dependent on the number of reeds you use. If too strong use less reeds if you want a stronger fragrance add one or two more
7. Wash hands thoroughly after coming into contact with the oil

1. We have been a carbon neutral company since 2020
2. We are 99% plastic free using only recyclable or biodegradable packaging
3. Our void fill is either Wood Wool - A bio-degradable void fill made from shredded timber or fill chips which are 100% biodegradable and compostable and melt in water orrecyclable paper nuts
4. Chandlery product labels are printed on recycled paper
5. Every FelinFach customer that places an order receives an email to plant a tree with Tree Nation
6. All of our energy is from a renewable source – wind