Hand Dyed Yarn

Our hand dyed yarn contains 100% natural fibres including Wool, Alpaca, Mohair, Linen and Silk. The yarns are dyed using natural dyes only and are hand finished.

The hand dyed yarn is either Welsh fleece from farms local to us in Pembrokeshire or British wool from a British spinning mill. We only use yarn of the highest quality which we then hand dye and hand finish.  Whilst the synthetic dyes are easier and definitely less time consuming to use, the colours achieved using natural dye make it so worthwhile. There is a beauty and depth of colour to natural dyes that become even more beautiful with age.

The art of naturally dyeing hand dyed yarn has been in use for centuries and it was only about 150 years ago that synthetic dyes became dominant. We use only natural dyes in our processes such as Indigo, Madder, Weld, etc and our fixing agent is Alum, a nontoxic water-soluble metallic salt.

Hand dyed yarn is a handmade product using skills and methods of yesteryear and has a range of colours that become more beautiful with age.