Last Chance

Pure new 100% wool tapestry blankets and throws, woven in Shetland or Merino lambswool.

Ambleston Ruana
Ambleston £75.00
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Bethesda Ruana
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Shetland wool throw - 100% pure new wool - Boncath - FelinFach
Boncath £75.00
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Multi Check Welsh wool
Pen Caer £85.00
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Welsh wool and lambswool throw
Pen Dinas £85.00
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Merino Lambswool pure new wool throw - Solfach - FelinFach
Solfach £85.00
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Two tapestry blankets, variegated Plum and variegated Burgundy
Welsh Tapestry Blankets - Biwmares from £129.00
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Woodstock Ruana
Woodstock £75.00
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