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Cohana - Banshu Sewing Shears

These exquisite sewing shears are imbued with the artistry of the traditional craftsmen of the Banshu region of Japan. Known for their exceptional sharpness and stability, Banshu blades are easy to sharpen, maintaining their original edge.

Each set of sewing sheers displays the elegance of traditional Buddhist lacquerware typically reserved for shrines and temples. Smooth fitting and easy to use, the warm lacquer handles are as functional as they are beautiful.  The shears are handmade not machine produced. There are individual differences in each piece, but as always this is the beauty of the handmade product in todays mass produced pristine machine finish.  Enjoy them as a texture that shows the craftsmanship of this age old craft.

Each set of shears comes in a leather case with gilt tassels, protected by a cloth wrapping dyed in the traditional style of textiles of the Banshu region.