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September 07, 2020 4 min read

Wool Blankets and Throws

Wool blankets and throws and traditional hand weaving are at the heart of  FelinFach's ethos of "Natural, Traditional, Handmade". All of our wool blankets are traditionally hand woven in Wales on age old looms using the skills and methods of times gone by. Whilst the weaving methods are traditional, our designs, patterns and colours range from not only the traditional but also the contemporary. Our blankets are woven with British wool and in some cases Welsh wool - we also have some Alpaca wool blankest and throws. Our Welsh wool blankets and throws in our Heritage (Treftadaeth) range can trace the wool from small-holding sheep farms in Wales! 

  • Wool blankets
  • Wool throws
  • Organic blankets

Here is a small section of our blankets and throws. All are handwoven in Wales from the traditional Honeycomb weave pattern to modern contemporary colours

Wool throws traditionally hand woven in Wales Wool blankets - Blaenffos - Woven in Wales Wool throws - Pontfaen - Woven in Wales Wool blankets - Gelert - Honeycomb weave - Woven in Wales

  • Welsh tapestry blankets

Our Welsh tapestry Collection is named ‘Hiraeth’ and nothing says Hiraeth more than an iconic Welsh tapestry blanket (also known as Welsh rugs). Hiraeth is a Welsh concept of longing for home, which can be loosely translated as 'nostalgia', or, more commonly, 'homesickness'. Many claim 'hiraeth' is a word which cannot be translated, meaning more than solely "missing something" or "missing home."

Iconic Welsh tapestry patterns Wool blankets - tapestry blankets in Caernarfon patterns Modern tapestry patterns Wool blankets - Dinefwr tapestry

  • Welsh wool blankets and throws

Our Treftadaeth Collection is a celebration of Welsh heritage, in remembrance of an event or maybe a person that shaped the Country we have become. It also celebrates The Welsh woollen industry and weaving history. This Collection will include Welsh woollen blankets and throws that are woven using fleece sourced within Wales. FelinFach buys the whole clip from the smallholding and the process from this fleece to our blanket or throw is completed in Wales - each blanket or throw will have a provenance proving it is a genuine Welsh product from ‘fleece to throw’.

Heritage blankets and throws - Heritage Collection

  • Alpaca and rare-breed wool blankets

Named after Y Wladfa, the Welsh settlement in Patagonia, the traditional home of the Alpaca. These Alpaca blankets are heavyweight traditionally woven blankets - no mass production here! Truly, a fantastic blanket... From fleece to blanket at one mill in Wales. The fleece was sourced from Somerset a British product from start to finish.

Alpaca blankets and throws - Alpaca wool

Why Wool?

Wool is one hundred percent natural, not man-made. Since the Stone Age, it has been appreciated as one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to man, and science is yet to produce a fibre which matches its unique properties.

It's renewable and sustainable! Wool is a renewable resource that literally grows on sheep every year. It is biodegradable and kinder to the environment than oil-based synthetics, which contribute to global pollution. As long as there is grass to graze on, every year sheep will produce a new fleece; making wool a renewable fibre source. Wool growers actively work to safeguard the environment and improve efficiency, endeavouring to make the wool industry sustainable for future generations.

At the end of its useful life, wool can be returned to the soil, where it decomposes, releasing valuable nutrients into the ground. When a natural wool fibre is disposed of in soil, it takes a very short time to break down, whereas most synthetics are extremely slow to degrade.

Wool Blankets in your Home

When you think about the use for blankets, first thoughts may be using them on beds. Whilst that is still an option favoured by many, and an increasingly popular option too, blankets are now also used as a decoration for any room in a home. The trend to modern patterns and contemporary colours has enhanced the options for the traditional blanket. Wool blankets and Welsh blankets in particular, are the perfect addition to your home if you’re looking for a statement piece or a quality item that will withstand the test of time. 

Wool blankets are among the most durable and desirable of all bedding. They're soft and warm, and are very difficult to stain or damage. Wool blankets are also very easy to care for and you don’t need to wash them often, in fact, it’s best to wash them sparingly and some guidelines recommend washing wool blankets once every three months.

Caring for your Wool Blankets

With a little care and attention, your wool blanket could last a lifetime. Follow these simple steps when airing, washing, drying and storing your wool blankets.

  • Air wool blankets outside

Fresh air outside and a good shake are the best way to freshen up wool blankets. Any dirt or dust in the blanket should naturally loosen and fall out.

  • Spot clean liquid stains

Spot cleaning as soon as there is a stain rather than a full wash is best for small liquid stains. Whilst wool is naturally stain and water repellent small stains can be removed using warm water and mild detergent.

  • Wash heavily soiled wool blankets

Follow any washing advice on the label of the wool blanket  but generally, hand washing is best and if machine washing is suggested, use cold water and only use specified wool wash detergents.

  • Dry wool blankets

To dry wool blankets, it is best to hang them flat over a clothes line outside, avoiding direct sunlight. Do not put wool blankets in a tumble dryer or on radiators.

  • Store wool blankets

Store your wool blankets in a dark, cool place with some cedar chips as cedar wood is a natural flying insect repellent.

About FelinFach

Our company, FelinFach Natural Textiles is located in the heart of the Preseli area of Pembrokeshire near to Boncath. We design Welsh blankets, Welsh woollen blankets and throws which are traditionally woven at Welsh mills. We also design and make natural hand dyed yarn, cotton, silk and wool scarves and other handmade products. We are a proud supporter of the Campaign for Wool, Global Welsh and Wales International.

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