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February 10, 2019 3 min read

Welsh Blankets - Weaving History in Wales

The weaving of Welsh Blankets and the Welsh woollen manufacturing industry in general was historically one of the most important industries in all parts of Wales. However it was in the Teifi valley in what is now Ceredigion and it's neighbouring counties of north Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire that the wool industry was at its most prolific during the latter parts of the 19th and 20th century. 

See below for a real traditional loom in action (and make sure to tiurn up your sound) with real people in charge and not a computer program!!!  


Teifi Valley and Pembrokehire Mills

For a few hundred years, the Teifi valley was the centre of a thriving woollen industry with dozens and dozens of woollen mills in the area and maybe over twenty in neighbouring Pembrokeshire. In times gone by, it was known as the "Huddersfield of Wales" at it was at the heart of the woollen industry in Wales, similar to Huddersfield in England. 

Today, sadly only a few of these mills are still producing woven Welsh wool blankets and throws using age old looms together with traditional skills and methods of yesteryear. In the early part of the twentieth century, the competition in the wool industry from Northern England increased significantly and the industry in Wales began to decline and following the coal depression of the 1920s and 1930s, few woollen mills remained. 

The nearby town of Drefach Felindre in neighbouring Carmarthenshire is now the location of the National Museum of Wool for Wales. This museum traces the history of Welsh woollen industry from it's beginnings 200 years ago to current day weaving.

All of our Welsh blankets and throws are traditionally woven in limited numbers and are created and made with personal care and attention. This is because they are handmade by 'people' using traditional looms and not machines!

Rare Breed, Alpaca and Organic Certified Welsh Blankets

Our Welsh blankets and throws come in different sizes and colours. Some blankets are made from rare breeds such as Jacob, Ryeland, Herdwick, Welsh Mountain Black and also Alpaca wool.

Jacob rare breed sheep and lambs

Our Shop has a separate collection of rare breed wool Blankets,Rare Breed and Alpaca... We also from time to time have a very limited selection of organically certified wool blankets.

Traditional Welsh Tapestry Blankets

Welsh tapestry blankets have been woven in Wales for well over 100 years. They are large heavy blankets almost guaranteed to keep you warm on all weathers.

Welsh Tapestry Blankets

These blankets are made using a traditional double-cloth construction that hasn’t changed much since the mid-1880s. This double-cloth structure creates practical, hard-wearing blankets and bold reversible patterns that Welsh Blankets have become famous for. We aim to have a limited stock of tapestry blankets at all times.

Blankets for your Bed Sizes - How large do you need?

Thinking of using a blanket for bedding? Need to know how large should a blanket be to drape over the sides of a single, double or king-sized bed?

Then check out our UK Bed Sizes for Blankets page to help you choose the correct size. It will depend on whether you want your blanket to drape over the sides of the bed or simply to 'sit' or 'lie' on top of the bed.

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