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May 18, 2020 3 min read

Where is Wales on the Map?

Wales, shown in red on the image above, is located on the western edge of the United Kingdom (UK). The country is part of the UK , consisting of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is part of the continent of Europe. It is bordered by England to the east and the sea to the North, South and West – the Irish Sea to the North and West and the Bristol Channel to the South. 

What is the size of Wales

Wales had a population of 3,063,456 at the time of the last Census in the UK which represented some 5% of the UK total population of 63,182,000. It has a land mass total area of 20,779 km2 (8,023 square miles) and it also has a notable and spectacular coastline of some 2,700 km (1,680 miles). It is a mountainous country with its higher peaks in the north and central areas, including Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa), Wales' highest mountain. 

Capital City

Wales' capital is Cardiff which is on the south coast of Wales. It has a population of some 346,100. It is the UK's eleventh-largest city and is Wales' chief commercial and political centre. The Senedd (Wales' Parliament) and most national cultural institutions and Welsh media are based in Cardiff

Senedd and Devolution

Devolution has brought a major change to the political map of Wales. In 1979, a referendum in Wales voted against the creation of a Welsh assembly with an 80 per cent majority. Almost 20 years later in 1997, a second referendum voted in favour of devolution by a small majority, but a majority nevertheless. The referendum established a National Assembly for Wales in 1999 with the power to determine how Wales' central government budget is spent and administered, although the UK Parliament reserved the right to set limits on its powers.The governments of the United Kingdom and of Wales almost invariably define Wales as a country. The Welsh Government says: "Wales is not a Principality. Although we are joined with England by land, and we are part of Great Britain, Wales is a country in its own right."

In May 2020, the National Assembly for Wales changed its name to the Senedd (Parliament) .

Welsh Language

There are two official languages in Wales, namely Welsh and English. English is the primary official language, able to be used in all situations whereas Welsh only has official status in limited but significant situations as defined by legislation. In teh Senedd, both languages have equal status. English is spoken by almost the entire population of Wales whereas around a quarter can speak Welsh, to varying levels of fluency. The Senedd has ambitious plans to increase the number of Welsh speakers to 1 million by 2050.

Wales Rugby

Rugby Union is the national sport in Wales and is recognised as 'being more than just a sport' by the Welsh nation and their people. This is reflected in the important status and responsibility that the Wales' national team hold in Welsh culture and society.

About FelinFach

Our company, FelinFach Natural Textiles is located in the heart of the Preseli area of Pembrokeshire near to Boncath. We design Welsh blankets and the iconic Welsh Tapestry blankets which are traditionally woven at Welsh mills. We also design and make natural hand dyed yarn, cotton, silk and wool scarves and other handmade products. We also offer Welsh tartansSheepskin Rugs, Gift Cards and tools and books for crafters and knitters - Cocoknits, Laine, Amirisu and Making to name a few! Lastly, workshops on hand dyeing with 100% natural dyes in the purpose designed FelinFach Dye Studio. We are a proud supporter of the Campaign for Wool, All Things Wales and Global Welsh.

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