Sosban Fach

by Morgana . April 24, 2020 3 min read

Sosban Fach is a short, traditional Welsh song but it has become one of the Wales’ most famous. Just like with another famous Welsh song, Calon Lan, it is almost always sung in the Welsh language, whatever the occasion. Although Sospan Fach is sung with fervour at Welsh Rugby internationals, its is most famously associated with Llanelli or the Scarlets rugby teams.

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Treftadaeth - Heritage Collection

by Jeffrey Morgan June 21, 2019 2 min read

Our Treftadaeth Collection is a celebration of Welsh heritage, either in remembrance of an event or a person that shaped the Country we have become. It also celebrates Wales’ woollen industry and weaving history. This Collection will include Welsh wool blankets and throws that are woven using fleece sourced within Wales. FelinFach buys the whole clip from the smallholding and the process from this fleece to our blanket or throw is completed in Wales - each blanket or throw will have a provenance proving it is a genuine Welsh Product from ‘fleece to throw’

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