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Gee Ceffyl Bach

Gee ceffyl bach is a beautiful children's nursery rhyme or song and is regularly searched for on this website. So here are the lyrics with an English translation.

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Gee Ceffyl Bach

Gee ceffyl bach yn cario ni'n dau 
dros y mynydd i hela cnau 
dŵr yn yr afon a'r cerrig yn slic 
cwympo ni'n dau, wel dyna i chi dric!

Cwyd Robin bach a saf ar dy draed 
sych dy lygaid, anghofia'r gwaed 
neidiwn ein dau ar ein ceffyl bach gwyn 
i fyny'r mynydd ac i lawr y glyn.

Gee ceffyl bach dros frigau y coed 
fel tylwyth teg mor ysgafn dy droed 
carlam ar garlam ar y cwmwl mawr gwyn 
neid dros y lleuad ac i lawr at y llyn.


Gee Little Horse

Gee up little horse carrying us two,
over the mountain to hunt nuts,
water in the river and the stone are slippery,
we both fall, well that's the trick!

Get up little Robin, stand on your feet
dry your eyes, forget the blood,
we'll jump on our little white horse,
up the mountain and down the glen

Gee up little horse over the branches of the wood
like fairies, so light footed
gallop and gallop on the big white cloud
jump over the moon and down to the lake



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