June 25, 2020 2 min read

UK Retailers offering Clearpay

FelinFach has chosen Clearpay that offers simple and affordable instalment plans for FelinFach online shoppers. Clearpay is an payment option on many of the top UK retailers including, Anthropologie, Asos, Boohoo, KooKai, Urban Outfitters and no less than Marks and Spencer - to name just a few!!!

How Clearpay works

The Clearpay payment platform allows you to purchase any FelinFach products in four instalments, due every 2 weeks. For example, if you purchase an item for £100, you pay 4 instalments of £25. There is no additional cost to use Clearpay so long as you pay on time. All of your payments are interest-free and you will receive your order straight away.

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Clearpay is a unique service which was founded to champion the customer's best interests when it comes to making retail purchases.


Split payments into 4 automatic instalments. You pay nothing extra when you pay on time. Orders and payment schedules can be accessed by logging in to your Clearpay account. A simple way to manage all budgets


Clearpay is a lifestyle product which makes shopping more convenient. Enabling you to get the things you want when you want them, while managing payments over time.


Clearpay gives shoppers the flexibility they want to manage their budgets.


Clearpay will send payment reminders — communicating via SMS and email prior to payments becoming due. Clearpay helps customers pay on time. Clearpay benefits from customers paying off their orders in full and on time. Clearpay applies personal order and account limits – they start low and increase as repayment history with Clearpay is positive.

Clearpay - Terms of Service

For complete terms of Service, Click here...

Clearpay offers simple and affordable instalment plans for online shoppers. The payment platform allows you to purchase in four instalments, due every 2 weeks

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