Campaign for Wool week in New Zealand

Posted on June 07, 2013 by FelinFach Handmade Textiles

It’s the Campaign for Wool week (10th to 14th June) in New Zealand next week. We're sure that they will promote the incredible properties of wool very well. :)

The Campaign for Wool is a global initiative that aims to highlight wool as a fibre that is an eco-friendly, comfortable, fashionable and durable option to cheaper and more disposable alternatives. We all know New Zealand is a country founded on sheep farming, so for them to support the Campaign for Wool is as natural as the fibre itself.

During the week, it is also the World Wide Knit in Public! Knitted products, such as knitted cushions, blankets and peg loom rugs, are popular with FelinFach and we will be knitting next week too.


In our small way, we would like to support the Campaign for Wool, worldwide.

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