Taliesin Lovely Boy

Posted on May 04, 2013 by FelinFach Handmade Textiles

Every now and again, when things get, perhaps a little tough, I think of things completely 'off-topic' from quilting, sewing etc. It calms the mind, refocuses on what you want to do and most times, problems do seem to get resolved. So I have created this part of my Blog for ‘off-topic’ things, nothing to do with sewing.Taliesin Lovely Boy

At the moment, I am working hard to get prepared for the Royal Bath and West Show – sewing all sorts of things. But every now and again, it worries me that I won’t’ have enough stock to take with me!

So today when I was taking photos of certain products and suddenly there he was - Taliesin, my Irish wolfhound dog. It’s maybe the first decent warmish sunny day in Preseli this year and Tal has taken advantage to bask outside on the lawn. We have three dogs but I think that Taliesin is the favourite of not only my husband but my daughters too! The other two dogs are a miniature Daschund called Lili Dlos (pretty Lili as in Calon Lan) and another Irish wolfhound puppy called Winiffred.

But look at the picture of Taliesin and those piercing eyes. By the way, he is 63 kilos and from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, he is 7 feet 9 inches long - wow! He is now about two and a half years old and in his prime. He knows that he is the boss of the other two dogs. By the way, he has the temperament of a saint and the way he puts up with the other two dogs is a lesson to all – nothing really upsets him and he gets along with everybody. Taliesin is a ‘lovely boy, as Windsor Davies would have said... Taliesin sometimes is walked by Snout and About Dog Walking when he is in Cardiff and there are no fields to run about in!

So enough of this off-topic stuff, back to work making things for FelinFach.

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