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28 House Names in Welsh

House names in Wales, in the Welsh language are part of a very distinctive, cultural and linguistic heritage. The Welsh language is one of the oldest living languages in Europe and many house names together with the names of farms, features in the countryside and other geographical landmarks form part of this rich heritage. Many of the names listed below appear in our home county of Pembrokeshire and nearby Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire.

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House names in Wales are often related to the original use of the property, for example the Old Mill, the Bakery or the Vicarage when the original use of the property has long changed into a domestic dwelling. They are also often related to the location or a particular geographic feature such as  the location of the property, Glan yr Afon (Riverbank), Glan y Mor (Sea side) or Bryn Heulog (Sunny Hill). Lastly, many houses in Wales are named after a description or even an aspiration such as Heddfan (Peaceful place), Hyfrydle (Beautiful place) or Cludfan or Ty Clud (Cosy place or Cosy house). 

Most Popular House Names - Cartref (Home in Welsh) and Bwthyn (Cottage in Welsh)

In a recent survey carried out for FelinFach, the most popular house names in Wales are Cartref and Bwthyn (and its derivatives). Cartref means ‘home’ in Welsh and Bwthyn is Cottage. The name Bwthyn comes with many variations for example; Y Bwthyn (The Cottage), Y Bwthyn Bach (The small cottage), Y Bwthyn Pren (The Wooden Cottage), Y Bwthyn Gwyn (The White Cottage) or Bwthyn Onnen (Ash Cottage), Bwthyn y Bugail (Shepherd’s Cottage) or Bwthyn Derwen (Oak Cottage) – the variations are almost endless!

 Welsh Alphabet

Firstly, a short explanation!!! The Welsh alphabet is different to the English version. In particular, some letters look like two (Ff, Ll, Rh) but they are one letter in Welsh. As an example, if you were completing a crossword with the word Llan, the Ll would go into one box - Llan is three letters in Welsh. (Click here for more on the Welsh Alphabet)

There can also be some debate as to exactly how many letters are in the Welsh alphabet, principally around the 'borrowing of letters from English, such as J. We have used the 28 letters of the alphabet excluding the latter J!! 

These names are a mix of the common, the beautiful and the unusual some may even be cute Welsh house names. There are many, many alternatives but here is our first version of Welsh house names and their meanings, one for each letter in the Welsh alphabet.


 Letter Welsh House Name English Translation or Meaning
 A  (ynys) Afallon  Avalon Island - island featured in the Arthurian Legend. Arthur's last resting place.
 B  Bwthyn  Cottage
 Cartref  Home
Ch   N/a  N/a
 D  Derwen Gam  Crooked Oak - Derwen Gam was possibly the first village in Wales comprising of Holiday Homes only
 Dd  Ddol  Meadow
 E  Esgair Llyn  Long hill ridge by a lake (beautiful song by Dafydd Iwan)
 F  Fron Haul  Sunny Hillside
 Ff  Ffynnon  Spring or well
 Glas y Dorlan  Kingfisher
 Ng  N/a  N/a
 H  Hafod and Hendre  Summer and Winter Dwellings as the livestock were moved from summer to winter grazing
 I  Iet y Bwlch  Gateway to the pass through hills
 L  (y) Lanfa  Jetty
 Ll  Llwyn Onn Ash Grove 
 M  Mumur y Coed  Whispering trees, the sound that the wind makes on the leaves of the trees
 N  Nant y Mynydd  Mountain Brook or Stream - and also a famous Welsh nursery rhyme of the same name
 O  N/a  N/a
 P  Pentigili  All the way (name of house near St David's, all the way to the end of the land - Pembrokeshire dialect
 Ph  N/a  N/a
 R  Rallt (yr Allt)  Hill
 Rh  Rhaeadr  Waterfall
 S  Swn y Mor  Sounds of the sea
 T  Ty, Ty Ni, Ty Gwyn  House, Our House, White House and many other variations
 Th  N/a  N/a
 U  Uwchgoed  Above the woods
 W  (y) Wern  Marshland
 Y  Ysgubor  Barn

About FelinFach

Our company, FelinFach Natural Textiles is located in the heart of the Preseli area of Pembrokeshire near to Boncath. We design Welsh blankets, Welsh woollen blankets and throws which are traditionally woven at Welsh mills. We also design and make natural hand dyed yarn, cotton, silk and wool scarves and other handmade products. We are a proud supporter of the Campaign for Wool, Global Welsh and Wales International.

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Last update 18th August 2020

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